Grinch [multiple choice]

Printable Valentine Worksheets for Elementary Students

Making suggestions

Astonishing : مذهل، مدهش، رائع، مثير للدهشة

Provoke, Invoke, Evoke, and Revoke

Synonyms (basic word - more formal word)

despotism n. (tyranny, dictatorship) استبداد، جور، طغيان

Types of Sentences Worksheet

Who’s and Whose

Hostility - حِقْد ؛ عَدَاوَة ؛ عِدَاء


these and those

How to spot a common noun and a proper noun?

Whoever vs. Whomever

HOLT Elements of Language Vocabulary Workshop FOURTH COURSE Lesson 5 The Aliens at Grovers Mill