SAT Writing Practice 4 + Answer and Explanation

SAT Writing Practice 4 + Answer and Explanation

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  1. 1. C Diction
    This question asks you to choose the word that best fits
    the semantic context of the sentence, that is, the word
    that helps the sentence to convey a logical idea in the
    context of the paragraph.
    This previous sentence states that an important challenge
    facing the healthcare industry is how to address this
    shortfall without sacrificing quality of care. Among our
    options, the only one that suggests a possible solution to
    this problem is to incentivize more medical school graduates
    to choose primary care.
    Although it may seem that interest is a reasonable
    choice, notice that its use would violate idiom in
    this sentence: the correct idiom is not interest someone
    to do something, but rather interest someone in doing
    2. C Logical Comparisons
    This portion of the sentence is part of a parallel construction
    in the form A instead of B. In such constructions, the
    words or phrases in A and B must have the same grammatical
    form and describe logically comparable (or contrastable)
    things. Since in this case A is primary care (a
    noun phrase indicating a medical specialty), the most
    logical choice for B is the more lucrative specialties (a
    noun phrase indicating medical specialties). The original
    phrasing is incorrect because their choosing does not
    indicate a medical specialty, (B) is incorrect because to
    choose does not indicate a medical specialty, and choice
    (D) is incorrect because it is redundant.


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