Wither , Weather , and Whither

Wither = (v.) become dry and shriveled = يذبل = يفقد الحيوية = يُذبل شيئًا، يُذوي شيئًا 

Weather = (n.) climate = الطقس 

1-Flowers *wither* in hot *weather*. 🌺🌞 
2-Evelyn forgot to water her houseplants and they withered. 
3-Glenn's enthusiasm withered after ten years doing the same job. Simon and Janet's love withered as they began to understand the practicalities of running a home and raising children. 
4-The intense heat from the sun withered the delicate seedlings. 
5-The weather is nice today. 
6-There was some weather earlier this week. 

Whither = (adv.) to where, to what place or state = حيثما = أين؟ = إلى أين؟ 

1-*Whither* will Jo go for lunch? 🍣🍲 
2-The decision when and whither to attack the enemy would be crucial. 
3-Whither is the cook? 
4-Whither is the ship sailing?