Massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico

A magnitude 8.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of Mexico leaving at least five dead, mass evacuations and warnings of tsunamis across the region.


1-magnitude  ضخم
Meaning :great size or extent
Example :the magnitude of an earthquake

2-earthquake : زَلْزال
Meaning :( noun ): a sudden violent movement of the earth
Example : TOKYO — In earthquake-prone Japan, people have grown accustomed to seeing regular alerts on television and their cellphones advising them to seek cover or move inland in advance of a tsunami.
3-strike : يضرب
Meaning ( verb ): beat
Example : The car struck the tree.

Meaning ( noun ): sea-shore and land near it  ساحِل ؛ شاطِئ
Example : Since the collapse of Moammar Gaddafi's regime in Libya, the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean has soared, as people have taken advantage of a vacuum of authority to set sail from the country's northern coast.

5-evacuations : عمليات الإخلاء
Meaning : evacuation ( noun ): removing someone or something to a safer place
Example : All of these densely populated areas are near the water, so they’re in an evacuation area anyway.

6-warning :تَحْذِير
Meaning : ( adjective ; noun ): a hint or indication of difficulty
Example :She gave me a warning about the difficulties of the job.

7-tsunami : تسونامي
Meaning a great sea wave produced especially by submarine earth movement or volcanic eruption
Example : When phone networks crashed during the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, many people turned to Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and Mixi, a social-networking website in the country.

8-collapse : إنْهِيار
Meaning collapse ( noun ): falling down or in of a structure or physical or mental breakdown 
Example : The chair he was sitting in collapsed.

9-threat : خطر ؛ تَهْدِيد ؛ وَعِيد
Meaning threat ( noun ): a declaration of an intention to punish or hurt. 
Example :She ignored their threats and continued to do what she felt was right.

10-ceilings : الأسقف
Meaning : the overhead inside lining of a room
Example :The house has low ceilings.