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What is Literature ?

Written By Mr. El-Sayed Ramadan on الثلاثاء، 10 يونيو، 2014 | 8:28 م

Note : If you want to study something or any subject you have to stop at the definition of at first so we will start our course with the definition of literature 

What is Literature ?

At first we have different definitions of Literature, but I am going to concentrate only on  two definitions 

The first one is the literary definition :

literature  A broad term which usually denotes works which belong to the major genres: epic, drama, lyric, novel, short story, ode (qq.v.). Traditionally, if we describe something as ‘literature’, as opposed to anything else, the term carries with it qualitative connotations which imply that the work in question has superior qualities; that it is well above the ordinary run of written works.
However, there are many works which cannot be classified in the main literary genres which nevertheless may be regarded as literature by virtue of the excellence of their writing, their originality and their general aesthetic and artistic merits. Recent challenges to the canon (q.v.), debates about what constitutes artistic merit, and theorization of genres like children’s literature (q.v.) and graphic novels (q.v.) have made this term vastly more comprehensive and far less indicative of aesthetic hierarchy.

q.v. quod vide ‘which see’ (sing.)

The second one is the dictionary definition :

lit·er·a·ture noun \ˈli-tə-rə-ˌchu̇r, ˈli-trə-ˌchu̇r, ˈli-tə(r)-ˌchu̇r, -chər, -ˌtyu̇r, -ˌtu̇r\

: written works (such as poems, plays, and novels) that are considered to be very good and to have lasting importance

: books, articles, etc., about a particular subject

:printed materials (such as booklets, leaflets, and brochures) that provide information about something

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