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8 Idioms to tell someone to “shhh” or be quiet

Written By Mr. El-Sayed Ramadan on الثلاثاء، 6 مايو، 2014 | 12:51 م

8 Idioms to tell someone to “shhh” or be quiet

Here are some examples of how these idioms are used.

Please remember that these idioms are all used in an informal, and often impolite way, so do be careful when using them.

1.Put a sock in it (British English)

I’ve had enough of your moaning for one day. Why don’t you put a sock in it?

NB: You will often also hear “put a cork in it

2. Cork it

“Shhh, cork it and listen to him”.  (Put a cork in it is more widely used)
3. Button itButton it, ok. I’m trying to think!”

4. Shut your pie hole (American English) or Shut your cake hole (British English)

“Just shut your pie hole, man.”(As heard in the movie, Avatar)
Or you could simply tell someone to “shut it!”
5. Zip your lips or Zip it!I’ve heard enough of your nonsense, mate. Now zip it!

6. Wind your neck in

“Why don’t you just wind your neck in for once and listen to what I have to say?”

7. Simmer down – this is not used in a rude, impolite way. It is used informally.

Ok, children. I need you all to simmer down and listen to Jason’s story.

8. Pipe down

“Come on, everyone. Pipe down or else you will all get detention!”

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